Monday, March 19, 2012

Bright eyed and bushy tailed

I usually have some sort of topic or direction when it comes to these things. I really don't tonight, but I figured that it OK. I mean it is my blog, so I will write as I please...

First off, my best friend got married last week, to one of my best guy friends. It made my heart unbelievably happy. I love seeing my friends happy and in love. They are two really amazing people and I look up to both of them for their love and kindness. I was a big ball of emotions the whole weekend. All happy ones of course, but ranging from happy tears to laughter. It was one of the biggest honors in my life to be her maid of honor. With all of the love in the air, it makes me think of my future. I really can't wait to meet the one I am supposed to be with. Until then, I am happy with where I am now.

I love and I mean LOVE, how I am able to serve God while I am single. I know I couldn't grow in the way I am growing now if I had to devote time to a temporary boyfriend. Yes, that would be the easy way out. To revert to having a boyfriend, just to fill my time, just so I am not lonely. HE fills my heart now, HE holds me when I feel broken. I know no man on this earth can love me the way HE does.

Which brings me to my next point of the BOYS that seem to think they are men. The ones who talk to woman without respect, like they are a piece of meat or property. The ones who think it is attractive to have the biggest thing going for them, is their "swag". The ones that are too "busy" to have God in their life. Who only are interested in physical relationships. Who attempt to cheat on their pregnant girlfriend, or any girlfriend for that matter.

What is wrong with y'all?! Look, I don't need perfection, nor a flawless past. I understand life happens, and so do mistakes. I have made them, I am not perfect. I just am wondering where all the good men are??

So this time, I am not settling. I am focusing on what HIS plan is for me. I am ever ready and eager to go where He leads me. I am excited to live life for everything that it is worth. This summer I just want to feel alive. I want to feel the sand beneath my toes and the wind in my hair...ok maybe I just really want to go to the beach haha either way I am ready for what He has in store. Bright eyed and bushy tailed... :)

(Yes, I realize I am a big dork, but at this point if you don't know this then you are probably not my friend)